Patient Safety

Precautionary Measures for Our Patients & Staff

Keeping Everyone Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

The doctors and staff here at Ellicott Mills Dental take pride in the measures we’ve implemented to keep both our patients and ourselves safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since re-opening on June 1, 2020, we are happy to say we have remained COVID-free and we are confident this has been due to our diligent safety measures. Many of our patients have asked what steps we’ve implemented—you may find them outlined below: 

Ellicott Mills Dental Welcoming Staff
  1. Our reception area is currently closed and we maintain a policy that only the patient being seen can be in the office at this time unless there is a reasonable exception. (Very young children, special needs patients, cognitive impairments, etc.)
  2. When you arrive at the parking lot you will text or call the office from the car to check-in. If there is currently another patient being checked in, you will be asked to remain in your vehicle. If the entryway is available, you’ll be instructed to don your face mask and proceed to the door. We are keeping our office door locked in an effort to prevent anyone who hasn’t yet been screened from just walking in. Your clinician will greet you at the door and do a health screening including a temperature and pulse ox check.
  3. Once you are cleared, your clinician will take you back directly to your operatory and perform your cleaning (by hand to avoid unnecessary aerosols) and checkup with the doctor. The clinician will dismiss you directly back to your vehicle. The procedure will be the same if you are scheduled with Dr. Ford or Dr. Becker for treatment.
  4. Payments can be accepted via phone, mail-in check (made payable to: Ellicott Mills Dental) or by secure link sent via text message in order to reduce contact.
  5. Our clinicians have always worn standard face masks, gloves, and eye protection with every single patient they see. Now, in addition, they are also wearing CDC mandated N-95 or KN-95 face masks, full-body protective gowns, and face shields, and have added additional protective barriers throughout the operatories.
  6. Originally, the CDC recommended each operatory be given a 15-minute settlement period after each patient as a precaution. We continue to maintain the aerosol settlement period after every patient even though the CDC no longer requires this step.
  7. Our hygiene appointments are scheduled on the hour in order to maintain social distancing between patients.

We hope the measures we’ve taken can help ease the minds of our patients. We truly believe that during this time one can never be “too careful.” Please feel free to call or text the office with any questions you may have regarding any upcoming appointments!