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COVID-19 Arrival Procedure

Arrival Instructions

Due to the changing guidelines from the CDC as well as our state and local governments, we have made some modifications to our arrival procedures. While we are still remaining vigilant in our sanitization procedures, we do acknowledge the ability to loosen some of our restrictions for those that have been vaccinated.

Please read our new check-in procedures below to make sure that you’re prepared for your upcoming appointment.

Pre-Appointment Checklist

  • Bring a face mask to wear during your screening and while inside the office.
  • If you do not have a face mask, please let us know in advance and we will provide you with one.
  • We are no longer able to accommodate children in the office that do not have an appointment themselves. Please make other arrangements for childcare. 
  • For those that have not been vaccinated, please remove nail polish or acrylic nails on at least one finger prior to your appointment so we may achieve an accurate pulse ox reading on you.

While our entire staff has been vaccinated, and we urge all of our patients to get vaccinated as well, we understand that there are many reasons as to why some can’t get the vaccine.

We have modified our arrival procedures for those patients that have received the vaccine.

Arrival Procedures

Please note: Vaccinated individuals may skip the patient screening step and proceed to our waiting room. Non-vaccinated individuals must complete the patient screening step.

Please Remain in Your Vehicle

Upon arrival, please do not enter our office. Please remain in your vehicle and follow the steps below.

Call or Text Us

Please call or text us at (410) 461-3311 so we can check you in for your appointment at a safe distance.

Facemasks are required

To keep everyone in our office safe, including patients, staff, doctors, and vendors, we will continue to require facemasks for everyone. Our office has practiced extreme precaution throughout the entire pandemic.

(Non-Vaccinated) Patient Screening

Upon virtual check-in our staff will advise you when it is your turn to enter the office. Upon entry our staff will perform a mandatory screening in the entrance vestibule. All patients must wear a face mask - no exceptions.

Enter Our Waiting Room (Vaccinated Patients)

For those with proof of vaccination, you will be admitted to our waiting room without the need to go through the patient screening process. You will still need to wear your facemask once inside.

Enter Our Office for Your Appointment

Once ready, the clinician will escort you inside, directly to your treatment room. You must also be wearing a mask at this time.