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5 Festive Holiday Recipes for Your Teeth

Every year, the holiday season brings joy, quality time with friends and family, and great food – it’s the American way. However, while candy canes and pie may be good for the soul, they’re not so great for our teeth. Here are 5 festive holiday recipes that’ll get you in the spirit and improve your dental health at the same time.

 5. Healthy Cranberry Pie

Cranberries are in season during the holidays. They’re the perfect treat on their own or in a pie, and they’re great for your teeth: they’re found to be especially effective at disrupting the process of plaque formation.

4. Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole 

Sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin A, which helps maintain the soft tissues in your gums. Vitamin A also helps build stronger tooth enamel (Maybe avoid topping your casserole with sugary marshmallows though…)

3. Holiday Apple Wreaths

These are a fun, festive snack that will make a great addition to your healthy holiday recipes spread. And the best part is that it has apples! Fibrous fruits like apples can help clean your teeth and increase your saliva production, which helps to fight bacteria.

2. Easy Holiday Cheese Board

There’s nothing like a good plate of cheese to get you in a festive mood! Cheese is one of the best foods for your teeth because it contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen tooth enamel, promote bone density, and regulate the pH levels in your mouth.

1. Quick & Easy Garlic Green Beans

Okay hear us out: while garlic might not be a great recommendation if you’re looking to freshen your breath, the allicin that is contained in garlic has strong antimicrobial properties that help fight tooth decay and periodontal disease. So the next time you’re debating adding an extra clove, remember: it’s good for your teeth! 

If you want some more tips for taking care of your smile while enjoying your holiday recipes, check out our other blog post about Keeping Your Sweet Tooth Healthy This Holiday Season.

Looking for more, fun ways to keep your smile bright? Find out what tips the American Dental Association has to offer. 

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