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5 Reasons for Winter Teeth Sensitivity

Have you ever noticed your teeth becoming more sensitive during the winter? There are plenty of explanations — and remedies — to make sure you’re staying comfortable and cozy all year-round. Here are 5 of the most common reasons your teeth may be sensitive to the cold.

1. Extreme Temperature Changes

Did you know that your teeth naturally expand in the heat and contract in the cold? Coming inside to a warm house from the cold can trigger this process and even lead to cracks exposing the sensitive layer of dentin under your enamel. Don’t worry though — your teeth shouldn’t be at risk of cracking as long as they’re in excellent condition. This means routine checkups and regular brushing and flossing.

2. Sweet Holiday Treats

Historically, in the month of December, retail sales of sugar almost double compared to most other months of the year. All those holiday desserts may be enjoyable in the moment, but that extra sugar can increase your risk of gum disease and enamel erosion — both of which can cause higher tooth sensitivity.

Some ways you can offset the effects are to drink water after eating, and avoid hard candies that can chip your teeth.

3. At-Home Whitening Treatments

Ever thought about whitening your teeth before heading to a fancy holiday party? It might sound like a good idea, but many of those DIY kits contain harmful chemicals that can strip the enamel from your teeth and expose the dentin below the surface. 

Instead of risking the pain and discomfort of at-home whitening, make an appointment with us! We’ll professionally whiten your teeth in our office without putting your teeth or gums at risk. 

4. Seasonal Colds

You’re more susceptible to colds, sinus infections, and the flu during the winter when your immune system is weakened and germs are more abundant. When your sinuses become inflamed as a result of nasal infection or congestion, it can put pressure on your dental nerves and cause heightened pain and sensitivity.

5. Overly-Rough Brushing

When you know you’re consuming more sugar during the holidays, you may be tempted to brush your teeth harder to make up for it. This is a mistake — brushing harder usually does more harm than good because it can wear away your enamel. 

Always give yourself plenty of time to brush your teeth gently, and don’t forget to follow up with floss and mouthwash afterward.

Is your teeth sensitivity causing problems for you this winter? Book an appointment with us online so we can see you and make sure you don’t suffer with pain and discomfort for the rest of this season. Contact us today.

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