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What’s The Average Teeth Cleaning Cost?

The best way to prevent dental problems is to take care of your teeth regularly. In addition to brushing and flossing at least twice a day, it’s important to visit the dentist every 6 months for a professional cleaning. 

Patients without insurance may think that skipping cleanings to save money is a good idea, but treating the issues that arise from irregular dental check-ups almost always end up being more expensive than paying for regular cleanings in the first place. 

So what’s the average cost of teeth cleaning, and what are your options if you don’t have dental insurance?

What is the average cost of teeth cleaning?

According to a survey conducted by Cost Helper, the average cost of a routine dental cleaning is $127, but our current fee here at Ellicott Mills Dental is only $99!

Are there any additional costs?

Teeth cleaning costs vary by dental office, local rates, and each unique patient. For example, some dentists add fees to your bill for things like excessive plaque and tartar build-up.

If you’re a brand-new patient heading into your first appointment with a new dentist, you should expect to be charged for additional services like consultations, x-rays, full-mouth exam, impressions, and similar procedures. We recommend calling your dentist ahead of time so you can be aware of the costs before scheduling your appointment.

How can I save money on teeth cleanings?

Ask your dentist questions about the cost and payment options. Many are willing to work with their patients, and since insurance companies can make things more complicated, it’s not uncommon for dentists to lower rates for patients that choose to pay out of pocket. 

And while cost is certainly a factor, try to avoid making it the only factor in choosing your care — unfortunately, there are plenty of “assembly line” dentists out there whose lower costs are indicative of lower-quality care. 

How can I keep my teeth clean?

Practice preventative dentistry at home — that means brushing your teeth for three minutes twice a day, and flossing, too! Remember: regular checkups keep your overall dental costs down. When your teeth are generally healthy and clean, you’re less likely to end up with fees for things like excessive plaque.

Want to learn more about the average cost of a teeth cleaning appointment at Ellicott Mills Dental? Fill out our appointment request form or give us a call at 410-431-1768.

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