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How Does Invisalign® Treatment Compare?

Getting straighter teeth has never been easier.  But before you choose a treatment option, consider how Invisalign treatment stacks up to its competitors.  As one of the first reliable alternatives to traditional orthodontia, Invisalign treatment has been available since 1997.  Over the past twenty years, it’s continued to advance, bringing you faster, more affordable solutions that allow you to live your life uninterrupted.  Although there are several other clear aligners on the market now, they can’t really compare to the original.  At least not when it comes to:

Getting Straighter Teeth, Faster

With traditional metal braces, you’re usually stuck in a treatment plan for 18 to 24 months—if not longer.  The average Invisalign user, though, achieves straighter teeth in just a year!  In some cases, our patients only need to wear the clear aligners for 6 months.  It just depends on the condition(s) we’re trying to treat.  People with underbites, overbites, crowding, gaps, open bites, and cross bites can achieve correction in 24 months or less.  Since we rely on SmartTrack, rather than basic plastic, to create custom liners, you can see results faster.  We also have the power to create new liners every week, if need be, so we’re encouraging your progress.

Honestly, even if you’re comparing 24 months in traditional braces to 24 months with Invisalign treatment, there’s no competition.  Because our liners are removable, you’re not “trapped” within this time frame.  While we recommend that you wear your aligners 22 hours each day, you have the option to take them out!  For indulging a craving or enjoying a special event. Maybe you just want to thoroughly clean your teeth—floss and all!  Invisalign won’t get in your way, no matter how long your treatment takes.

Working with Local Dentists

Although some newer programs offer to ship clear aligners directly to your door, we prefer a more personal approach.  Not only can you work with your regular family dentist at Ellicott Mills Dental to plan and monitor your Invisalign progress.  But also, you can trust that you’re working with licensed professionals! That sounds pretty basic, but some other options don’t involve actual dentists as often as you’d think. 

Our team is highly trained and friendly.  Plus, we have all of the equipment we need to take state-of-the-art 3D scans right here in Ellicott City.  No need to rely on remote sites and online communication when you have an Invisalign specialist in your own backyard!  That way, if you need to pick up new aligners each week to match your progress, you don’t have to go out of your way to get them.

Keeping Your Current Lifestyle

Honestly, this is one of the main reasons most people choose Invisalign over the other options.  Whether you’re trying to avoid unsightly metal braces as an adult, or you want the freedom to eat what you want (when you want it). Our clear aligners offer the ultimate compromise.  Your friends, colleagues, and classmates won’t even know you’re wearing them unless they get up close and personal—or you take out your aligner in front of them.  They fit better than many other clear liners, leading to a more comfortable treatment for you.  Since our approach incorporates over 450 patents that separate us from our competitors, you’re getting the benefit of innovation.

If you’d like to learn more about how Invisalign compares and/or have a free consultation with Ellicott Mills Dental, contact us today!  We’d be happy to offer personal advice about your teeth and what a treatment plan might look like for you.  We’re conveniently located in the heart of Ellicott City, Maryland and looking forward to helping you create the perfect smile!

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