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5 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Brush

It’s hard to get little kids to do things – from putting away their toys to brushing their teeth, you never know what’s going to happen. We can help with the second one. Here are some tips for making tooth-brushing a little more fun and exciting for your little ones! 

 5. Make Brushing Their Teeth an Event to Look Forward To

Play your kids’ favorite songs or read a short, 2-minute story with them while they brush their teeth. You can even tell jokes or do something funny that makes them laugh – as long as it’s something they can look forward to each time. Consistency is key, and before you know it they’ll be asking you when it’s time to brush next! 

4. Stick to A Routine 

Try to have your kids brush around the same time every morning and night until it becomes second-nature. It’s also important not to stray from this routine even during special circumstances, like over the holidays. 

3. Give them a Fun Incentive 

Make up an exciting reason or story that explains why brushing is important. Here’s an example you can steal from us: There are bad guys in your mouth and you can be the superhero and get rid of them by brushing them away!

2. Reward Good Brushing Behavior 

When your kids do a good job brushing and keeping up with their schedule, reward that behavior so they’re likely to stick to it. A few things you can do are make a sticker chart and let them choose a new sticker every time they brush, or let them choose a bedtime story afterward. 

1. Let Them Choose Their Tools

The next time you go shopping for toiletries, bring your kids with you and let them pick out their own tooth brushes, toothpaste, and more. It’ll get them excited about using their cool new gear later!

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