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What Sets Ellicott Mills Dental Apart? It’s All in the Details

Not many people like going to the Dentist, and Dr. Kim Ford, Owner of Ellicott Mills Dental, knows this well. That’s why she and her team have decided to put comfort first and create an environment that keeps patients happy and at ease from the moment they enter the office to when they walk out the door. Here are some of Ellicott Mills’ little details that you won’t find anywhere else. 


5.) Schedule Your Appointment Via Text Message 

Ellicott Mills Dental is all about making it easy for you to schedule your appointment, so they thought about how they could make their services as accessible as possible. In addition to calling and requesting an appointment through their website, you can simply send a text to 410-431-1768 to set up your next visit. Smiley faces are encouraged 😀



4.) Fill Out All Your Forms Online 

Filling out forms in the waiting room can be time-consuming, especially as a new patient. In order to ensure that your first visit runs smoothly, Ellicott Mills Dental makes all the necessary documents available online so that patients can complete them in the comfort of their own homes.


3.) Blankets & Pillows to Keep You Comfy in the Chair

Most dentists don’t offer pillows and blankets to keep patients comfortable during their examinations. Ellicott Mills has taken both the temperature of the office and the emotional needs of patients (hey, sometimes we get nervous and having a blanket helps!) into consideration. Not only are these items available to any patient, but they’re also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use. 


2.) Free Whitening with Invisalign

Invisalign is a great option for patients looking to improve their smile, and nothing goes better with straightening your teeth than brightening them up at the same time. Since Ellicott Mills is all about patients leaving their office with happier, healthier smiles, teeth-whitening is free with Invisalign procedures. If that doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will! 



1.)  One-On-One Treatment Planning Reviews 

One service that Ellicott Mills prides itself on is its one-on-one treatment planning reviews. These are designed for patients that require a decent bit of dental work, and are arranged to take place in a comfortable, private setting to go over all of their options without fear of outside judgement (Dr. Ford and her team are sensitive to the fact that smiles can be a source of insecurity for many). 

Whether you’re new to town and trying to decide the difference between dentists in the area, or you’re looking to switch offices, give Ellicott Mills Dental a try. Their level of care and effort is unmatched, and it shows even in the tiniest of details.

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