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6 Reasons to Try Sedation Dentistry

If you have more than a little anxiety each time you visit the dentist, you’re definitely not alone! Many people get nervous at the thought of having a cavity filled or even having their teeth cleaned. We understand it — the sound of all those instruments and whooshing water can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Your choices used to be to either tough it out or skip the dental appointment altogether. We really would rather you not have to make that choice.

These days, sedation dentistry gives you a much better third option. Modern dentists, like us here at Ellicott Mills Dental, use sedation dentistry for everything from routine teeth cleaning to more complex dental procedures. Here are are a few reasons to consider sedation for your next appointment.

6. Reduce Trips to the Dentist

Some procedures require multiple visits not because we can’t do the work in one sitting, but because a patient can only handle so much dental care in one appointment. When you choose sedation as part of your appointment, it eliminates the need to come back again and allows us to complete everything in one sitting, giving you more time back in your schedule.

5. Reduce Fear & Anxiety

One of the most common reasons patients opt for sedation during their visit is to ease any fear or anxiety about their dental appointment. Sedatives dull the sesnses and provide an overall feeling of happiness and well-being, making the experience much more enjoyable.

4. Remove Gag Reflex From the Equation

Some patients have a more sensitive gag reflex than others, which can make regular dental work uncomfortable and slow down the appointment. Mild forms of sedation can minimize the reflex, allow you to feel more at ease, and allow us to move through your appointment uninterrupted.

3. Pass the Time More Quickly

We get it — no one ever really looks forward to their next dentist appointment with great anticipation, and there can still be moments of discomfort and awkwardness no matter how gentle or friendly we are. Sedation, even in mild forms, can make the time pass by more quickly.

2. Help Patients Sit Still

Whether you’re a generally fidgety person or are diagnosed with a disibility that makes it hard for you to sit still, the calming effects of sedation can make all the difference and help keep you relaxed throughout the appointment.

1. Dull Sensitivity to Teeth & Gums

Having sensitive teeth and/or gums can make dental appointments uncomfortable. Patients who experience a hypersensitivity in their teeth or gums often have a much more pleasant experience while under the effects of sedation.

Dental practices have used enteral sedation as a safe practice for many years. Our sedation dentistry method is very effective for our patients with a mild to moderate anxiety or fear about dental procedures. Don’t be afraid! The professional team at Ellicott Mills Dental is ready to make you feel calm and comfortable. Contact Us Today to book a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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