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Electric Toothbrush Benefits

Whether or not your toothbrush is manual or electric, both are effective at removing plaque that can cause diseases and tooth decay. The American Dental Association actually gives its Seal of Acceptance to any toothbrush that’s proven safe and effective whether or not it’s electric. 

However, there are some cool things about electric toothbrushes that might make you want to try one out for yourself to see if it’s the right fit.

Your Electric Toothbrush Moves!

The main difference between electric and manual toothbrushes is that electric bristles vibrate or move to remove plaque more effectively. Studies have shown that they remove a higher percentage of plaque over time than their manual counterparts.

Some Have Timers

Many electric models also have built-in timers, helping the user to brush for the appropriate amount of time (2 minutes) each time.

They're More Easily Accessible

Since they do most of the work for you, electric models are a great option for those with limited mobility who might not otherwise be able to brush as well with a manual toothbrush.

Improved Focus, Improved Health

One study even found that users tended to focus more when using an electric toothbrush. This could indicate that electric brushing may lead to building better oral hygiene habits over manual brushing.

They're Great for Braces

If you have braces or any other orthodontic hardware in your mouth, the extra vibrations can help you clean everything more thoroughly.

Overall, electric toothbrushes may make cleaning your teeth easier and help you develop better oral habits. However, that doesn’t mean that manual toothbrushes aren’t a good option too. If you’re on the fence, the best thing to do is talk to your dentist about whether or not you should make a switch. 

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