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Why Do We Dream About Our Teeth Falling Out?

Have you ever dreamed that your teeth were loose or falling out? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone – one study found that around 39% of people report having dreams like this. Even though these types of dreams can be unsettling and a bit scary, the good news is that a large majority of the time it doesn’t mean that your teeth are ACTUALLY going to fall out…we hope. Here are some theories that aim to explain the phenomenon:

1. Experiencing Personal Loss

This is one of the most common interpretations of this dream-theme. It could be related to the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, losing a job, a home, or other similar major life changes.

2. Religious Beliefs

Some attribute these dreams to religion – if you’re questioning your beliefs and feeling anxious or paranoid about the situation, that could be a possible cause.

3. Heightened Stress or Anxiety

Unmanaged stress and anxiety can spill over into your subconscious, whether it’s related to work, home, or other things. If you’re under more stress than normal, it’s certainly possible that you would have more unsettling dreams, like your teeth falling out. 

4. Big Changes Coming Up

Big changes on the horizon like starting a new job, moving, or other impactful life-decisions can contribute to higher levels of stress and anxiety, as mentioned in #3. Worrying about things that can go wrong in these situations could possibly lead to dreams about tooth loss. 

5. Depression

Depression is often characterized by prolonged feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and loneliness. This condition can cause individuals to perceive themselves more negatively than normal, including aspects of their physical health. If you think you might have depression, or are having tooth-loss dreams as a result of depression, speak to your doctor.

6. Negative Feelings About Others

If you’re experiencing a negative situation with someone in your life, it’s possible that these emotions could lead to dreams about THEIR teeth falling out or missing – not yours. 

7. Broken Teeth

This one seems to be the most clear-cut: If you recently broke or lost a tooth, it’s not uncommon to dream about the experience after the fact. Some hypothesize that it’s your brain’s way of dealing with the trauma of the situation. 

8. Poor Personal Health

If you’ve been slacking on taking care of yourself, this can lead to poor sleep quality and subsequent dreams about your teeth falling out – perhaps your brain’s subconscious way of signaling that you need to take better care of yourself. 

One thing all of these theories have in common is upsetting situations that can lead to stress, anxiety, or other negative emotions. If you’re experiencing frequent dreams like these, talk to your doctor to find out how you can minimize or better manage these emotions in your daily life. If you ACTUALLY loose a tooth though? Schedule an appointment or give us a call, ASAP! 410-431-1768

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