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How Do You Get a Job in a Dental Office?

A Day in the Life at Ellicott Mills Dental

One of the main reasons people choose to work in a dental office is the patients. There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping someone feel more confident about their smile while getting to know them on a more personal level. The relationships you can build with both the patients and staff can be highly rewarding; but how does that all come about? How do you get a job in a dentist’s office and make the most out of it? 

To help answer these questions, we’ll walk you through a day in the life of a Hygienist here at Ellicott Mills Dental.

Morning Huddle & Getting Organized

First up, all our staff gather together to review the schedule for the day. We take some time to say hello and settle in for the day before diving right into the work. Then we go over which patients are coming in, what we need to do for them, and who is going to be responsible for what. 

As a hygienist, you’d review the patient histories for the day to prepare for their appointments. You might also look back on any notes you took the last time they were in so you could make them feel at home by asking about the vacation they may have previously mentioned, or how their family’s doing.

Welcoming Patients & Performing Routine Checkups

Next, you’d start seeing patients for the day. For a hygienist, this usually includes performing any routine cleanings, taking necessary x-rays, talking to patients about ways they can improve their dental health, entering any important notes into our electronic system, and preparing your workspace for the next appointment.

At Ellicott Mills Dental, a hygienist typically sees between 7-10 patients throughout the day.

Patient Work | Ellicott Mills Dental

Taking a Break

On most days, about halfway through the day, the team takes an hour-long lunch break. However, since we value our free time and life outside of work, the office is closed every other Wednesday to give us some time to relax and recharge. 

Then, imagine coming back from your Wednesday off and leaving an hour early on both Thursday and Friday!

Getting to Know the Patients

Something that we pride ourselves on as a dental practice is the relationships we’ve built with our patients. We’ve been around since 1983, and we still see patients who have been coming to us since then – along with their families and friends. It’s a unique opportunity to be able to treat generations of the same family.

It’s something you have to experience first-hand, but when people walk into the office, you can tell that they really feel like they’re “home.” And, as healthcare professionals, we value working in an environment where the people we’re treating are genuinely happy, respectful, and appreciative of the work that we do. 

Getting to Know the Staff

One thing that a new Ellicott Mills Dental employee learns very quickly is how much we love our food. Nothing makes us happier than a fully-stocked snack cabinet and bagels and coffee in the morning. 

While we do spend time outside of the office for the occasional happy hour or holiday party, we’ve also hung out together at a few of the local breweries and have even had a staff spa day! Working hard in the office always resulted in benefits outside of it.

So How Do You Get a Job in a Dentist's Office?

The short answer: Apply! Click here to view our current openings. 

The longer answer: Be willing to work hard and play hard. Be willing to help others and learn their names and get to know them as people. Communicate often and effectively, and show appreciation for both your colleagues and patients. And experience in the field certainly helps, too! 

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