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Is a Dental Career Right for You?

Working in a dental office can be incredibly rewarding, no matter what role you play. Whether you’re a dental assistant, office manager, or hygienist, you get to enjoy professional growth while also making a positive impact on your community. There’s a reason that the staff at your local dentist’s office always seem so happy and chipper at each appointment, and it’s because they truly enjoy what they do. Here are a few benefits of joining a dental practice.

Job Security & A Greater Need for Dental Care

A successful dental office can’t function without dental assistants, hygienists, and office managers, to name a few. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a 19% increase in job opportunities in the field, which bodes well for those on the lookout for open positions.

One reason this predicted growth is so significant is population growth, which naturally increases the demand for dental care. Another is that elderly people are more likely to retain their teeth, meaning they need continued care.

Work-Life Balance

Unlike most retail or service industry work, dental practices operate on a traditional 9-5 schedule. Some even close early on weekdays, like us here at Ellicott Mills Dental. Those in or adjacent to the dental profession tend to enjoy a more fulfilling work-life balance than some other healthcare workers.

You'll Learn (or Teach!) Something New Every Day

Working in healthcare means always keeping up with the latest techniques, tools, and technology. If you go to work for a dentist that knows their stuff, chances are your education will continue long past graduation. 

Not only will you learn things, but teaching patients is a big part of the job, too. You’d be surprised at some of the things that people don’t know about their oral health. Patient education is a crucial part of working in a dental office. 

You'll Find Meaning in What You Do

If you’ve ever asked anyone who works for a dentist, they’ve probably told you that their favorite part of the job is connecting with patients. One of the biggest benefits of this industry is the feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment gained from helping others.

If you’re still curious about what it’s like to work at the dentist, call or text our office at 410-431-1768 any time. We’re happy to answer any questions, and we may just have a job opening for you!

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