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5 Bad Foods for Your Teeth & Their Alternatives

Sometimes we get cravings, and that’s normal! There are days when you can’t get the idea of your favorite candy out of your mind. While it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while, it’s also important to be mindful of the negative effects some of your favorite foods can have on your dental health. Here are some better alternatives for common foods that aren’t so great for your teeth.

5. Swap Dark Chocolate for Stickier Candies 

You can still satisfy your sweet tooth without it costing you your dental health! When you’re craving that piece of candy, consider dark chocolate instead – it has more health benefits than other candies (think antioxidants), and it’s been proven to wash off of your teeth more easily than other sweets. 

4. Try Zucchini Chips Instead of Potato Chips

High-starch foods like potato chips and bread can get stuck between your teeth more easily. Instead, try to replace those high-starch components with something easier on your chompers: Bake zucchini or apple slices for a crunchy treat without the risk of it getting stuck between your molars.

3. Trade Soda for Sparkling Water – Seriously! 

We all know that soda is loaded with sugar, and it’s no secret that excess amounts of the stuff is bad for your teeth. When you’re craving that sweet, carbonated beverage, try a flavored sparkling water instead! Look for those that have 0 sugar in their ingredients, like La Croix.

2. Have a Virgin Cocktail Every Once in a While 

Substances that dry out your mouth – like alcohol – can be detrimental to your dental health. Drier mouths are more at risk for tooth decay, since saliva directly combats bacteria that causes the condition. So opt for a non-alcoholic beverage from time to time (that’s low in sugar!) and save yourself from both tooth decay and another dreaded hangover

1. Trade Your Orange Slices for Melon Balls 

Fruits high in acidity like oranges can wear down your tooth enamel over time. If you can, try to substitute a less acidic fruit like cantaloupe or watermelon in favor of oranges, lemons, and limes. 

While it’s perfectly reasonable to treat yourself to your favorite candy or have a soda with dinner every once in a while, consuming too many of those substances that aren’t good for your teeth can have both serious dental and general health consequences. Consider making swaps like these when you get those cravings and see if you can tell a difference in how you teeth feel afterward!

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