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LaCeysha Garcia: A New Smile

LaCeysha Garcia came to Ellicott Mills Dental with a profound open bite. This means that when she bit down, there was a wide open space between her upper and lower front teeth, causing discomfort and making it difficult for her to bite into and chew her food. Not only was she uncomfortable physically, she was also looking to make a cosmetic change – so Dr. Ford and the Ellicott Mills Dental team got right to work!

First, a Wax-Up was recommended. Dr. Ford took impressions and study models of LaCeysha’s teeth and sent them to the lab where they use wax to show patients what their crowns and veneers will look like once applied. This is an especially helpful step in the process, because it allowed LaCeysha to see the final product before fully committing to the procedure and it gave her an opportunity to work with Dr. Ford to make any edits or updates to the model before moving forward. 

Initially, LaCeysha only wanted to alter her upper-front teeth – but once she saw the difference the veneers made in her smile, she opted to have the procedure carried out on her lower-front teeth, too!

Fixing your teeth isn’t purely cosmetic though, like in LaCeysha’s case. She had what dentists refer to as “crowding” in her bottom teeth. Crowding results in spaces that are more difficult to clean and floss, and increase a patient’s vulnerability to issues like gum disease. 

Not only do her veneers look great, but they also fixed her open bite – now LaCeysha is able to bite through foods like sandwiches and apples much more easily, and chew and digest her food more thoroughly.

Never underestimate the positive impact cosmetic dentistry can have on both your smile and your health! If you or someone you know is in need of our services, contact us here to schedule an appointment. 

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